Halal Meat

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Halal Veal With Bone 3lb
Halal Whole Chicken Large
Halal Duck (Medium)
Halal Ox-tail 2lb
Halal Lamb Shoulder 2lb
Halal Goat Shoulder 2lb
Halal Ground Chicken 3lb
Halal Hard Chicken Medium
Halal Hard Chicken Large
Halal Beef With Bone 3lb
Halal Veal Boneless 2lb
Halal Goat Tripe 2lb
Halal Lamb Shank 2lb
Halal Lamb Leg 2lb
Halal Goat Leg 2lb
Halal Frozen Goat 2lb
Halal Goat Feet Regular
Halal Goat Feet Burned
Halal Goat Brain 2lb
Halal Cow Feet 2lb
Halal Cow Brain 2lb
Halal Chicken Wings 3lb
Halal Chicken Thigh Boneless 3lb
Halal Chicken Drumsticks 3lb
Halal Chicken Liver 2lb
Halal Hard Chicken Small x 3
Halal Chicken Breast Boneless 2lb
Halal Beef Tongue
Halal Beef Liver 2lb
Halal Beef Tripe 2lb
Halal Beef T-Bone Steak 2lb
Halal Beef Ground 3lb
Halal Beef Boneless 2lb

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