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Victoria Supermarket is one of the largest Bangladeshi managed supermarket in Toronto with big space and bigger collection of fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, rices, oils, grocery items, processed foods, etc. This establishment is well managed with quality products and very friendly staff.

A. Roy

New Supermarket on Victoria that provides excellent service, high quality food and low price. I went there and got my seafood and it is cheaper than Danforth Market. Highly recommended.

W. Gentles

Located on main Victoria Park Avenue just South of Eglinton Ave. East. Huge variety of south Asian (Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Indian) grocery items. They carry all kinds of fresh vegetables, fruits including Halal mert section plus variety of fresh & frozen seafood. Prices are very competitive. Highly recommended to anyone!

S. Bukhari

Loved the singara. This is the only place where I found tasty Bangladeshi style singara with reasonable price. Always their other takeaway food items are good too. Nice selection of halal meats and fish.

M. Kamal

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